About us



PowerCell Energy Products, Inc.
PowerCell Energy Products, Inc. is a wholesale battery supplier located in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PowerCell was opened in 1996 and is family owned and operated. We're proud to be supported by a network of knowledgeable distributors throughout the United States.

Our product line consists of our own series of sealed lead-acid batteries, custom nickel-cadmium battery assemblies and exit and emergency lighting.  We also distribute great products from quality manufacturers such as Energizer®, Enersys® and others. We offer distributors a one stop source for batteries, flashlights, chargers, lamps and backup powered lighting products.
Great Batteries. Great Prices.
We carry replacement batteries for applications in emergency lighting, alarm panels, ups systems, door locks, camcorders, cellular phones, laptop computers, and nearly every other application where battery power is a necessity.

By using PowerCell you can rest assured that you have access to nearly every type of battery in the industry. Whether your need is a custom nickel cadmium battery pack or just a simple alkaline battery, PowerCell can satisfy your battery needs.